Soaring Weather Europe - News 2018

During spring 2018 all post-processing of the weather model was redesigned.

22 April 2018: The new version is released.
(The new version of the forecasts are automatically used in the Apps for iPhone/Android + iPad/Tablets)

Completed changes:
* All post-processing software rewritten in C++ (instead of Fortran and NCL).
* New calculations for thermal heights. The goal is to improve the precision of the forecast, especially in weak conditions.
* New images for soundings.
* More soundings (only available from the website at the moment).

Ongoing changes:
* Improvements of the soundings. There are a few details to add still.

All calculations except thermal height are basically the same and the forecast will not differ much from previous years.

* Requires a lot less CPU-power and resources (reduces computing time with about 1,5 hour every day in total).
* More possibilities to tune the calculations for better forecasts.
* It will be possible to create more soundings (the creation was very slow in the old version)

Upcoming changes:
* Update weather model to a newer and hopefully better version. Tests are ongoing to verify forecast quality.
* When more soundings are added it will be necessary to update the Apps for iPhone/Android.

New weather model can be tested here: New weather model (not always updated and ocationally changing)

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